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The Village

Wow that was fast-paced! The Village was built for all out speed. There is no flag to pull, no prop to drop, and definitely no clock to worry about. Just straight in your face all out paintball. Elimination is the name of the game here and the team who stops to catch their breath will most likely be defeated. Do you play with your motor running at a higher level? Well if you do, then this is the field for you. With eighteen individual buildings set up as a mirror image of each side, this field definitely gets the heart rate up and the adrenaline pumping.

The Bunny Field

Named for the original prop used, a giant stuffed Easter Bunny, this field offers mulitiple playing scenarios. Whether it's capture the flag or deliver the bomb to the opposing teams base, this spacious field allows you to get out there and stretch your legs, while remaining open enough to see your opponents off the break. With tall old growth pines, a large center base, two automobiles and plenty of bunkers the options are endless.

The Bus

The Bus field is the perfect field for the scenario players who like to take it to the woods. With 12 acres of natural cover plus three bases, two trench systems and of course a BUS, this field is large enough for squad tactics, yet small enough to ensure plenty of action.


If you’re looking for the ultimate test of your paintball skills, then you’ve found it. The GTF Splatterball field is one of the best, featuring solid obstacles, a demanding layout and fast action. From the starting whistle to the last “out”, you’ll be in the paint. You’ve got to be quick, watch your flanks, and keep moving, or you’ll be watching the rest of the game from the sidelines. Don’t miss your chance to play this fantastic field.

The Fort

Though The Fort looks simple enough, this challenging field will test even the most seasoned player. Position, movement and accuracy are the rules for attacking teams while defending teams have to use their firing lanes and covering fire to thwart the attack. The Fort is the perfect field for the tactician in us all.

The Houses

Urban combat at its finest! Fight building to building and see if you have what it takes to claim the centerpiece of the GTF Paintball facility. With four different buildings to fight from there is always a shot waiting to be taken, but be careful the other team might literally be just around the next corner.